5 Tips to Really Enjoy Speed Dating Events

5 Tips to Really Enjoy Speed Dating Events
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It can be difficult in a busy life to find time to pursue personal activities such as dating and relationships. A speed dating event may be just the thing for you to meet many people during one occurrence and possible prospective suitors. Your life could change in very little time. You may not find that perfect someone the first time you experience speed dating, but it brings out the flirtatious you, making you feel more at ease when meeting other singles.

A speed dating event is an affair where you get a badge with a number and get seated at a table, ready to meet with many other singles looking for many of the same things you are looking for. A person sits at your table for a total of up to ten minutes to answer your questions and also get to know you. Time varies from event to event. This may not be a whole lot of time, thus the name “’speed dating,” so it is important to know the right questions while noting responses. You will be given time in between each date to make notes that could help you decide on who you want to meet up with again. So it is important to be yourself and ask the right questions. We spoke with Parship UK, who have contributed to this list of essential tips.

5 Tips to Really Enjoy Speed Dating Events

1. Smile – Start out your speed dating event with a big smile. Most people respond favorably to a smile and decide whether they like you within the first 15 seconds of meeting you. Have fun, be confident in yourself and don’t waste your time complaining about anything or anybody. Avoid being judgmental but put yourself out there to make a good first impression. However, you want to be real so that any potential dates are not set for failure. Be friendly and open to learning about the person on the other side of your table. Ask the all-important right questions that helps you to uncover that individual’s interests, likes and dislikes. You have limited time so use it wisely. After time is up, write down your notes so you can remember who made an impression on you and why.

2. Define your likes and dislikes – In preparation for this new adventure, be sure you make a mental list of your likes and dislikes. On your list of questions, also include things that bother and annoy you along with traits that would not be acceptable in a potential date. If you are looking for someone without bad vices like smoking or drinking, you can ask such questions; otherwise, do not bring up these subjects if they are not a concern. At the same time, also keep a list of positive things that would help in your choices.

3. Ask good questions – You want to choose questions that will create conversation and help you both learn a little about each other. Ask questions in such a way so that the answer is not just “yes or no.” Some of the questions you should consider include such things as “what brought you to speed dating,” “where are you from,” “what do you do,” “what are your interests” just to name a few. Don’t forget fun questions like a favorite holiday spot, food, movie, childhood memory, if they like animals, which ones and why. Keep the topics fun, light and moving; use the time wisely so you can get the best impression and information of the person as you can. Listen to all responses carefully to see just how much you have in common and remember to have fun. Then make your notes after the session.

4. Listen intently – You not only want to ask questions but also be a good listener. Go into the speed dating event with specific questions written down and let the conversation flow from there so that you both get to know each other. Being a good listener is as important as a great conversationalist.

5. Dress for the occasion – Remember to dress appropriately for the speed dating event, not too sexy yet not office attire. Imagine that you are going on a big, multiple first date, wanting to make the best first impression. Present yourself clean-shaven, showered, neat and with a big beautiful smile, and be sure to use it. Without good presence, you are clearly stating that you really don’t have a good self-image or care what others think, which certainly is not your goal.

You may not find that perfect someone during your first speed dating event, but it will open you up to meeting many different people, as it helps you to be more at ease with conversation and the “dating” experience. There is no way to know when and where you will find your special someone so just be yourself, put yourself out there and have fun.


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